Mexon Lubricants – in European Formulation

MEXON Lubricants Products

We have a wide range of lubricating oil products. Out of many, below are most the common products by brand name for use in car, bike, bus, truck and industrial use.

About MEXON Lubricants

Mexon Lubricants brand, originated at Latvia in Europe. Mexon SIA (LV) is manufactured lubricating oil products according to quality control of European Standard. The company was partnered with Ovanix Co. Ltd  in Thailand and Mexon Limited BD in Bangladesh for their distribution of products in those countries. These partner organization were in the sector of business operating for more than 15 years.


Picture: ‘MEXON’ European Union (Latvia) Patent Registration

why choose MEXON Lubricants

There are lot of products in the market. You may do not know what is best for you. However, we guarantee that our product, packaging quality and handling of materials until it reaches to your hand are rather safe and best value for money.  Therefore, we can offer the following advantages than others.

  • ✓ European standard product
  • ✓ Heavy duty intact product packaging
  • ✓ Competitive price
  • ✓ Safe product handing
  • ✓ Eco-friendly, less greenhouse effect
  • ✓ Maximize oil drain interval
  • ✓ Afters sales services

Mexon Lubricants Product Distribution

Our Mexon Lubricants products have good quality and comes with reasonable offers to all levels of customers. This might be your next choice. Contact to your local retailers or distributions.

Lubricating products are changing everything with change of new technology. Retailers and distributors plays a vital role in handling the right product to the right customer. Therefore, we trained our retailers and distributors so that end uses would get the real benefit.

Retailers in all across Bangladesh can contact our 24/7 for their inquiry and can avail after sales services. They can also book a schedule for Knowledge sharing on product and services by calling our Dhaka hotline number.


Retailers are the most important people who actually benefited the customer. Considering that in mind, we offer following available for our retailer.

✔ Knowledge sharing on our product and services
✔ All over Bangladesh
✔ After sales service
✔ 24/7 Customer support


Local distributors play a great role in benefiting the community and they can expedite by taking following advantages.

✔ All supports that retailer’s avail.
✔ Promotional Offers available


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