Mexon Lubricants – in European Formulation

Mexon Lubricants brand, originated at Latvia in Europe. Mexon SIA (LV) is manufactured lubricating oil products according to quality control of European Standard. The company was partnered with Ovanix Co. Ltd  in Thailand and Mexon Limited BD in Bangladesh for their distribution of products in those countries. These partner organization were in the sector of business operating for more than 15 years.

why choose MEXON Lubricants

There are lot of products in the market. You may do not know what is best for you. However, we guarantee that our product, packaging quality and handling of materials until it reaches to your hand are rather safe and best value for money.  Therefore, we can offer the following advantages than others.

  • ✓ European standard product
  • ✓ Heavy duty intact product packaging
  • ✓ Competitive price
  • ✓ Safe product handing
  • ✓ Eco-friendly, less greenhouse effect
  • ✓ Maximize oil drain interval
  • ✓ Afters sales services

MEXON Lubricants Products

We have a wide range of lubricating oil products. Out of many, below are most the common products by brand name for use in car, bike, bus, truck and industrial use.

SAE 20W 50 / JASO MA2




Synthetic Blended motor oil designed for high performance air and water-cooled of modern 4-stroke motorcycles such as sports type, big bikes & choppers. Recommended for both fuel injection and carburettor technology. Also suitable for gearboxes in 2-stroke motorcycles.



– Improve acceleration response.

– Outstanding engine cleanliness.

– Excellent engine wear protection under high speed condition.

– Optimize friction control for smooth gear shifting.

– Extended oil drain intervals.

SAE 20W-50




Highly recommended for use in three wheelers, Japanese, European and American passenger cars operation on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LPG, NGV, Gasoline and Bi-Fuel (Gas+Petrol) automotive engines.



Excellent engine cleanliness and wear protection.

Protects clutch and gear system and provides easy gear shifting.

Prevent spark plug fouling and thus keep plugs working longer.

Prevent valve torching and recession.

Keeping engine considerably cooler and smoothing engines sound.

Reduces fuel consumption 3-8 percent compared to conventional Oils.

With special additives resulting in oil drain interval extending.

Minimizes oil top up and prolongs engine life.

SAE 50




Premium quality mono-grade heavy duty diesel engine oil for heavy duty commercial vehicles, suitable for every heavy trucks, passenger buses and heavy equipments both with / without turbocharger turbo-intercooler and both old / new engine from Europe, USA and Japan.



Provides adequate lubrication in every operating temperature ranges.

Improve detergency properties.

Prevent piston ring sticking problem and reduce the engine oil consumption.

Provide wear protection even under continuous severe working condition.

Improve soot dispersancy properties, maintain viscosity and prolong engine life.

SAE 20W-50 / 15W-40



Premium performance heavy-duty diesel engine oil. Recommended for superior protection of modern diesel engines both on-highway and off-highway applications such as trucks, buses, trailers and heavy equipment.



– Maintain engine cleanliness and prevent sludge.

– Extend the engine life and provide excellent lubrication.

– Prevent piston ring sticking problem & reduce the engine oil consumption.

– Provide wear protection even under continuous severe working condition.

– Improve soot dispersancy properties, maintain viscosity & prolong engine life.

ISO VG 46, 68



Hydraulic oil 46, 68 is a superior quality high viscosity index, anti-wear hydraulic oil. It is carefully formulated with a high VI base stock and an advance technology additive anti-wear rust and corrosion inhibitor combined with foam depressant. It is recommended for hydraulic system of all stationary and mobile equipment. It can also be used in pumps and compressor operating at high temperature and under extreme pressure. It is suitable for the hydraulic system in industry, earth mining machines and quarry equipment.



Superior filterability.

Excellent oil seal compatibility.

High thermal stability ensuring longer engine life.

ISO 320

205 L Drum

Industrial heavy duty gear oils for high performance that formulated to provide gear teeth protection in severe condition.

ISO 460

20L Drum

Industrial heavy duty Synthetic gear oils that formulated with high quality and longevity to provide gear teeth protection in severe condition.

20L Drum

High quality engine coolant for cooling systems in petrol and medium diesel engines.

Mexon Lubricants Product Distribution

Our Mexon Lubricants products have good quality and comes with reasonable offers to all levels of customers. This might be your next choice. Contact to your local retailers or distributions.

Lubricating products are changing everything with change of new technology. Retailers and distributors plays a vital role in handling the right product to the right customer. Therefore, we trained our retailers and distributors so that end uses would get the real benefit.

Retailers in all across Bangladesh can contact our 24/7 for their inquiry and can avail after sales services. They can also book a schedule for Knowledge sharing on product and services by calling our Dhaka hotline number.


Retailers are the most important people who actually benefited the customer. Considering that in mind, we offer following available for our retailer.

✔ Knowledge sharing on our product and services
✔ All over Bangladesh
✔ After sales service
✔ 24/7 Customer support


Local distributors play a great role in benefiting the community and they can expedite by taking following advantages.

✔ All supports that retailer’s avail.
✔ Promotional Offers available


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