CONCENTRATEuse after addition of water

Pack size – 20 Liters


High quality engine coolant, produced from ethylene glycol base blended with rust and corrosion inhibitor, which is suitable for using in the cooling systems of gasoline and light- duty diesel engines. It is recommended to flush the cooling system by radiator cleaner in the case that radiator is dirty. For optimum efficiency, 1 part coolant per 1-3 part water is recommended.


  • The inhibitor system provides corrosion protection for all engines and cooling system metals including aluminium, iron, steel, cooper and solder alloys.
  • High boiling point gives better cooling performance in high temp condition.
  • Excellent inhibitor system protects wet liner from cavitation erosion and provides exceptional protection to aluminium surfaces under heat transfer conditions. Pack size – 20 Liters

Data Sheet

Coolant Concentrate (Data Sheet) (PDF)