MEXON DIXOL / MARINE API CF/SC | CC/SC SAE : 30 | 40 | 50 Pack size – 1 | 5 | 20   205 Liters Application DiXol is specifically designed for use in naturally aspirated & turbo-charged diesel engines operating under severe on and off highway conditions. It is suitable for Japanese engines, marine applications, stationary engines including gardening equipment and generators, where this grade of oil is required. Benefits Balanced base oil & additives pack provides ultimate engine protection. Low ash formulation minimises engine and combustion chamber deposits. Improve dispersancy properties, maintain viscosity and prolong engine life. Multi-use product…

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SAE 30 |  40 | 50 API CC/SC Pack size – 1 | 5 | 20 | 205 Liters Application Mexon DiXol 50 is a high-performance diesel engine oil. Manufactured from high-quality base stock by blending with selected multiple additives of superior performance. It meets the specification of API CC/SC. The product provides outstanding lubrication for high-speed diesel engines under severe operating conditions. Benefits Outstanding detergency and dispersancy to prevent deposit. Good anti-oxidation ability and thermal stability to reduce the generation of oxides and extend the life of use. Excellent lubricating property to reduce the friction and sediment under severe…

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SAE 15W-40 API CI-4/SL Pack size – 1 /5 / 20 / 205 Liters Application Mexon DriveX 15W40 has been formulated using new generation high performance base oils and the most recent additive technology to meet the latest CI-4 performance requirements. Mexon DriveX 15W40 provides optimum protection and control of corrosion, oil thickening due to soot build up, piston deposits, oxidation, sludge build up and high temperature stability. Benefits High performance diesel engine oil designed for use in the latest European, US and Japanese heavy duty diesel engines. High soot loading is experienced and for extended drain or severe service…

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SAE 20W-50 API CI-4/SL Pack size – 1 /5 / 20 / 205 Liters Application Premium performance heavy-duty diesel engine oil. Recommended for superior protection of modern diesel engines both on-highway and off-highway applications such as trucks, buses, trailers and heavy equipment. Benefits Maintain engine cleanliness and prevent sludge. Extend the engine life and provide excellent lubrication. Prevent piston ring sticking problem & reduce the engine oil consumption. Provide wear protection even under continuous severe working condition. Improve soot dispersancy properties, maintain viscosity & prolong engine life.   Data Sheet KR Mexon DriveX TDS 20W-50 (PDF)