AUTO TRANSMISSION OIL DEXRON III Pack size – 4 | 20 | 205 Liters Application Mexon TopX Dexron III is an excellent auto transmission fluid developed for automatic transmission in vehicles. Hydro finished base stocks and selected performance additives are coupled to provide resistance to oxidation, better frictional properties, good low temperature fluidity, wear protection and seal compatibility. It will provide acceptable performance in application which required a Toyota T-III fluid. Benefits Superior seal compatibility. Reduces sludge and deposits in transmissions. Provide smoother shifts in different driving conditions due to controlled frictional properties. Reduces fluid loss due to better anti…

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MANUAL TRANSMISSION OIL SAE 90 / 140 API GL-4 Pack size – 4 | 20 | 205 Liters Application Mexon MemoX EP 90 / 140 is a multipurpose extreme pressure gear oil formulated from high quality base stocks and other performance additives to impart properties like EP, oxidation stability and anti- foaming characteristics. Benefits Excellent thermal and chemical stability. Prevents cavitation due to good defoaming property. Smooth shifting gear. Longer drain interval and less maintenance/lubricant cost.